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    Steel Rolling Shutters in London – Shutting Out The Intruders, Reducing The Crime

    Steel Rolling Shutters

    They say prevention is better than cure, and this is highly applicable to dealing with crimes, especially theft or vandalism. Crime has no boundaries, and criminals cannot ascertain them. So, it becomes crucial to safeguard your properties. The super-protection comes with aligning the first defensive wall, and a reliable steel rolling shutter in London is the perfect choice.

    Crime is a concerning subject, especially in commercial spaces. Nobody wants to suffer hefty costs incurring due to theft or vandalism. Hence, installing a steel roller shutter can help to prevent it from happening.

    Good quality steel shutters can secure your building’s exterior when locked up for the night. In this blog, we shall discover how steel shutters can help to prevent crime.

    Acts as an Obstacle

    Criminals are often in search of a potential target to commit theft or vandalism. They look for a place to intrude easily, steal assets, and vandalize the place. You do not leave a chance or a weak spot for the criminals to commit the crime. Again, prevention is better than cure applies here.

    So, install a steel rolling shutter and stop the crime from happening in the first place. How exactly? The rolling shutters act as a deterrent, restricting the trespassers from intruding on the property. Steel roller shutters are strong enough to block easy access to trespass on your property. Installing a steel shutter leaves a psychological effect of fear in the criminals’ minds, and they can choose to pass by your place and look for a much easier target.

    Moreover, steel roller shutters create a lot of rackets as a result of damage or coercion. This noise creates attention, which is another way to deter thieves or vandals.

    Double Security Check

    Ensuring deterrent space is one thing, but criminals are always one step ahead of us. It would help if you stay smarter than the criminals. Apart from deterring criminals, the steel rolling shutter also creates a double layer of security. Criminals being criminals, hard ones still try their luck.

    Don’t worry; steel shutters restrict them too. Steel roller shutters are made of high-quality steel that is a hard nut to crack. These are some of the most durable shutters on the market. Such shutters make it difficult for the trespassers to breach, and they are more likely to get caught.

    Some Interesting Stories

    Wonder Baby Portraits

    You must have noticed different security systems and measures to prevent crime. Systems like metal detectors, CCTV or a theft alarm. Have you ever wondered if paintings can act as a technique to prevent criminals from committing a crime?

    Sounds interesting, right? Let’s dig more into this interesting story.

    This is the story of shops in south-east London. Business owners along the Greens End (a street in Woolwich) have painted the steel rolling shutters with portraits of local babies. It was an experiment to identify how painted steel roller shutters can help to reduce the crime rate in the Street.

    “We had another set of shutters. They were broken and almost everything was stolen from the shop,” he says. He’s one of the shop owners involved in the experiment.

    But Why?

    The answer lies in the psychological patterns of the mind. As per Ogilvy and Mather executive Tara Austin, 

    “Seeing baby faces, round cheeks, and big eyes promotes a caring response in human beings.”

    A baby’s image makes us humans more relaxed and empathetic. The proof of evidence of this statement is also present in the series of research papers published in the late 1940s. 

    What Led People To Paint Baby Portraits? The prime reason was the riots of 2011. The vandals damaged multiple Green End shops.

    Different Security Modes of Steel Rolling Shutters

    Consider this: the more simple your physical barrier, the fewer criminal activities. Consider the following three methods for securing your property using a steel rolling shutter in London.

    Just a Steel Roller Shutter

    The basic installation delivers basic assurance of security. Though steel shutters offer a reliable defense against theft or vandalism, they cannot deliver the maximum level of security.

    Shutter with Lock Devices

    You may simply boost the level of physical protection provided by a steel roller shutter by selecting one with built-in locking devices.

    High-Spec Steel Shutter

    Use a full-spec roller shutter in conjunction with remote monitoring (such as CCTV or night vision cameras) and alarms for maximum deterrence.

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